Web design change

Hi everybody! We inform you that last week we made a Fanisetas.com web design change!

Among all the novelties we propose you, there’s the tee of the week. Only 12€!

Now, you can find a lot of sections which will be very useful for you to get your Fanisetas.

  • A section of novelties where we show you the newest tees. You will get your tees before anyone in the world!
  • A section of specials were you will find low cost outlet tees. As we get outlet, we will incorporate it to the list.
  • A section of news (that’s our blog) where we write you very interesting news about our tees and novelties we offer you.
  • A section of help where there are all your most frequent questions. They are all answered. We talk you about Customers Advice, Find Your T-Shirt Size, We are searching fot designers and ilustrators!, F.A.Q, Guide of how to buy in Fanisetas.Com, Guide of how to make a change/return in Fanisetas.Com, About Our T-Shirt’s, Points Program, Payments, Shipping, About Us Fanisetas Team and Site Map.
  • A section of contact for you to contact with us when you want.
  • A section of new customer to register if you aren’t.

Beyond that you also find how to go to Portal de Camisetas, Camisetas Ofensivas and Specials zone; how to follow us in facebook, twitter, tuenti or pinterest; change the language: English or Spanish and lots of things more!

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