True Story Tee

Doesn’t this tee sound you? This shirt take it off last week and has been a hit. Yes! Yes!

Camiseta True Story
Camiseta True Story

This tee, the True Story Tee, is based in the Barney Stinson meme, one principal character of “How I met your mother”, in Toy Story style, as he was one more toy, with his sentence: True Story.

Barney Stinson is a fiction character created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the American TV series “How I met your mother”. Barney is performed by Neil Patrick Harris. Barney is one of the five principal characters of the TV series with Marshall, Robin, Lily and Ted, who wants to settle down, marry and have children. In contrast, Barney is a womanizer and dislikes to compromise.

“True story” is an ending to stories or theories told by Barney which are generally erroneous.

That’s cool this tee, isn’t it? Don’t wait more, Don’t you want to wear this tee on your attractive bodies?

Well, if you aren’t Spanish or you live out of Spain, it will be chaper to buy this tee on our profile on True Story.

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