Macgyver Tee

Here we have the Qué haría Macgyver tee (What would Macgyver do?). Macgyver is that peculiar character of an American TV series of the 80s. He was a secret agent who worked for the Phoenix Foundation and always helped good people and beat the evil. Only using his intelligence and hability, improvisedwith any kind of object with simple and the most varied elements, always accompanied by his trusty Swiss multipurpose Army knife. Nothing could beat him, Macgyver always was able to avoid the dangers which were in his journey.

In, we wonder about what would Macgyver do in one of the most embarassing situations anyone can find. So, we show you this tee with our huge question: what would Macgyver do after go to the toilet and this occurred? Sure that Macgyver would find a solution!

Qué haría macgyver? tee
Qué haría macgyver? tee

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