How to make a change or return of your tees in Fanisetas.Com

Have you received your shirt with a bug, or you have chose your size wrong, or you simply want to return your tee and get back your money? FANISETAS gives you up to 60 days to make a change or return on any of our products. Follow the instructions and do not give food to your gremlin after midnight:

1) Does your Faniseta arrived with a bug or print mistake?

Have you mistaken on your order?

2) Have you mistaken on your order?

Have you mistaken on your order?Easy, simple, and for everybody ¿Would you like to repeat all steps written? Let’s do it!

    1. Can be given the situation that we had a bug when printing, or customer had an error because you select the wrong size or color of your order.
    2. If so please contact us by phone or e-mail. 96 623 63 29 o
    3. Tell us the reason for the failure, to change your shirt or refund money if you want only to return the order for any reason.
    4. If your faniseta tee has a bug because of us, do not worry, we will cover all shipping costs.
    5. If the fault is not ours, for all other cases, the customer pays all shipping costs. First send us the tee to change or refund moneey, by post service is usually economic, to our post adrres to check the status of the goods we sent you the first time to Fanisetas.Com / Glorieta Carrasco 10 Blk 3 Esc A Ent 2 º / Benidorm (Alicante) 03501. Within the package, you must indicate in a note, if you want to make a fund return or tee change, the order number and size you want to change on the same model you have chosen.
    6. After accepting the request and if a case of redo your shirt, we process your order again.
    7. In press/print factory remake a completely new tee.
    8. Re-check to make sure the tee is fine.
    9. Once we receive the tee to change or redo and we have ready the new tee you will have to pay the freight back which is 5,50 € (Only Spain), via bank transfer La Caixa 2100 4233 68 2200043928, putting the concept your name and order number. Once payment is confirmed we will send the new faniseta tee.
    10. You get the new tee you’ve changed.
    11. Now you can enjoy your faniseta tee.
    12. * Outlet tees, will be changed for another Outlet tee.
    13. Service of free shipping costs on returns or changes only available on Spain Country.

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