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In Fanisetas.com we’ve made a F.A.Q. with the most common questions that customers often ask us by e.mail or phone. We hope that this helpful guide solve all your doubts! You also can find this guide in Help->F.A.Q.

Recommendations before ordering

  • Always order with enough time: We have no stock of the tees you see in our catalogue, we have to do it at once and normally in print process we need 2-5 working days, plus time of delivery to your country address. Occasionally, previous customer notice, an order may be delayed up to 15 days, due to lack of stock of the wholesaler or technical problems.
  • Check that the size chosen is correct. In this guide we bring you all the help needed to verify the measures of our shirts and compare it with yours, along with some recommendations for height, weight and complexion of the person. If you still have doubts call us. We want you to have the perfect shirt!
  • Learning about shipping policies. The prices you see in the catalogue only references to tee prices, so also need to add shipping charges. We also recommend insert an address in which someone is sure to receive the package. If there is no one at home, maybe it is preferable that we send your order to your work, a friend, relative, doorman, neighbor. Although the agency spends up to 3 times on the point of delivery, and will notify you by email and SMS when you could go, we can not guarantee a specific delivery schedule (Delivery on spain). For international deliveries the order will ship by spanish postal service so you will receive it with postal system of your country.

¿What is the price of your tees?

We have prices that vary depending on the section that you are Fanisetas.Com and model of your choice of dressing, but at least €17.95.

¿How will be the time of delivery of my purchase?

All tees you see in Fanisetas.Com are printed on demand, so usually take 2-5 on print working days on average plus days of country of delivery.

(lack of stock of the wholesaler, breakdowns, strikes or holidays …) orders may take up to 15 days, should there be the case we will notify you with enough time to propose different solutions.

If you need tees for an early date we recommend ordering with enough time, or at least indicate in the comments (just before the end of the order) for the date you would need.

Our team will do anything to bring your tees at time.

¿What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay your orders the way you prefere and secure:

  • Secure payment by credit card or debit card (POS virtual La Caixa) compatible with 4B, Servired, AMEX …
  • Secure payment with PayPal. transfer between PayPal accounts, or through secure platform card payment.
  • Bank Transfer. Making a deposit into our bank account number “La Caixa. Once your order has been processed you will receive an e-mail with bank details and concept of income to pay. (Only available for Spain Customers)
  • COD. What you pay when the package reaches your hands. This service carries a surcharge of 2 € on shipping costs, as commissioner of the agency.

¿Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Absolutely Yes. We never have access to your passwords or payment details. Once you choose that form of payment, you will communicate directly with the payment gateway of La Caixa, there under the terms of your bank and ask key data, which we never see.

We strongly recommend never buying an establishment that ask your credit card or personal data by phone or email.

We work with SERMEPA (Spain best digital platform for payments and avoid any kind of fraud.)

¿How do I know I made my order correctly?

When you finish your order system will sent a confirmation email to the email address you provided with your tee details and sizes selected. If by chance you have any information wrong or you’re wrong on ordering, you can call us to correct your order or email us atinfo@fanisetas.com. Important that if you let us know your changes 24 hours in advance or Tees will be printed with the data we have saved on your order!

¿Which countries do you send?

We ship all over the known world, you can see the rates here:

¿How much do shipping costs cost?

  • Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal): € 5.50 or € 7.50 if the order is paid on delivery. The company responsible for delivering is Tourline Express with 24h express service delivery (delivery before 19:00 h).
  • For Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Andorra, Ceuta and Melilla: 5.50 €. COD shipping is not available. Shipments to the islands are made through the Post Office. (Express service 48/72 hours)
  • Europe – European Union: 7 €. Certified mail, delivery about 2-6 days by country.
  • U.S., Canada and South America: 15€.

¿Can i indicate a specific delivery time?

Unfortunately you can not specify any kind of timetable delivery, because it will increase significantly shipping prices and thus would not be a reasonable cost for you to buy fanisetas in a economic way.

¿After send I can change the delivery address? (Spain only with express delivery)

You can change the delivery address but has an additional cost that the carrier will charge on your delivery.

Podeis cambiar la dirección de entrega pero tiene un coste adicional que la empresa de transportes os cobraría al entregar la mercancia.

I have the wrong size and would like to change my shirt.

Follow our guide returns and you will not have any problem.

I’ve recieved my tee and it’s wrong or faulty.

Follow our guide returns for defects and will not have any problems.

¿Can i cancel my order?

Sure, you have within 24 hours to request an annulment of your order. To request cancellation you must send an email toinfo@fanisetas.com specifying the order number.

We can not offer more cancellation deadline because the shirts are printed to order, and once made to your liking, we are difficult to resell matching tastes and sizes.

In any case please call us on 96 623 63 29 to see if there is still time to cancel.

Orders with only outlet tees, may be canceled long before they are sent.

¿Are your products guaranteed?

Sure, you can buy safe, our quality is more than proven, and we offer a money back guarantee for 60 days. However, to return the garment must be in perfect condition, not have been washed, worn or stained. Have all the information on how to return an item on this link. Guide returns.

¿What printing technique you use?

To offer such a variety of combinations of items, we need the latest printing technology. And we have opted for digital screen printing industry. This technique allows us to print full color, short and long runs. As industry gives us an amazing quality and durability. To give you an idea, our machinery is used by companies such as Benetton.

Sometimes, if we consider that the design is better, or suggest by the type of clothing, we can print on vinyl or digital matte vinyl. Always the best brand and the market thinner. Ensuring maximum comfort of the garment.

¿How should I wash my shirts?

It is highly recommended to wash the clothes according to 3 basic rules:

  • Always wash with cold water (30 °). Rinse with warm water can do the shirt printing shrink or lose vibrancy.
  • Washing, ironing and dry the shirt inside out.
  • Do not use dryer machine.. The dryer machine punishes cotton and the colors, making garments last less. This is generally for any brand of clothing.

¿Are your products official?

Most of the designs you see in Fanisetas.com are adaptations, inspirations or skits based on characters, TV shows or movies, but are not official.

I have a shop, and I want to sell your products.

Fanisetas.com is a distributor of its products to customers with wholesale stores. To receive all the necessary information you can fill out the form on the link below. Para recibir toda la información necesaria puedes rellenar el formulario que aparece en el siguiente enlace. Link to distributors form.

¿Is there any store in my town, where to buy your products?

Hope so, and if not, is already recommending to your local store. You can see the list of stores that sell some of our products here: Link to distributors.

I want to make a gift with your tees, but i don’t know wich one choose…

Well let’s try to put it easy. In each section you have selected the 10 best-selling shirts, usually if they are on the list tend to like a lot of people. Now we just need to know a little bit taste of the person you want to gift.

Gift Vouchers

There is the option of giving one of our gift vouchers. We send a nice email with a coupon code that the gifted person can exchange for 1 or more shirts + shipping.

¿Do you offer discounts if you buy often?

Of course, in Fanisetas appreciate the confidence our repeat customers with our rewards program. For every purchase you make you earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on. Have the whole explanation on this link: Link to program points.

Points program

¿What is the points program?

The rewards program has been created by Fanisetas.Com to thank the loyalty of its customers. Now the more shirts you buy, the more points are added to your account. But there are more ways to earn points. You can see here: Link to points

¿How many points do I have?

To see the points you have, you can check by entering your user account. First you must be registered to access the web and put your username (email) and (Password).

¿When you add my points?

Points are automatically added each time you receive your order. Once added to your account, you will receive a confirming email and then you can redeem on your next purchase

¿How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your points once you have accessed the website with your username and password, and have added the products you want to the shopping cart. Will ask you to redeem them before choosing Payment. (Step 2 of the checkout order)

Tee of the week

Now every week and for a limited time, one of your favorite Fanisetas with a super price of 12 €!

¿Why only a week?

To make this offer, we need to ensure that a lot of customers want that tee, so if the tee we offer ir the one you were looking for, and you could not afford it, now there’s no excuse to get your favourite tee.

¿How do I know which will be the next tee of the week?

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter, the most acclaimed shirt will our list of possible Super Specials. Also subscribing to our newsletter you will be the first to know.

¡I want to sell my designs on your tees store!

Great, sure you have plenty of talent. Have all information concerning this subject at this link: Link to designers. And if you have any questions please contact us, go ahead, unleash your imagination and designs with us.

Affiliate Program, earn money by advertising us.

¿Got a blog, a website, with many followers in social networks? Then sign up for our affiliate program, talk to us, and earn money. It’s simple, you have everything well explained, along with manuals on this link: Affiliate Program/a>

¿How do I register and become a customer?

Very easy! At the top of the head of the Fanisetas.Com web, you will find a New Customer button, if you click you will be redirected to the register form!, follow the instructions and in a few minutes and you will be registered as a customer in Fanisetas.Com

¿Why do I have to register as a customer?

First off all, you’re not forced to register as Fanisetas.Com customer, you can make your orders without it, but if you sign up you can accumulate points for every purchase that you do, be the first to receive discounts or offers, participate in our social networks and receive bonus points for participating, check the status of your orders, to make a list of bookmarks and share it with your friends on social networks.

If I register on your website, I will receive advertising emails?

Only if you want, Fanisetas.Com advertising is sent through email newsletters and only with your consent. When you register we give you the option of receiving advertising / newsletter, so, unless you want to receive advertising not check the mark on receiving newsletters!

If I send you my data, how do I know it will be made public?

Fanisetas.Com knows about the law of data protection and of course we take care of them and not make it available to third parties because if not, we’ll incur on a crime. Your data will always be safe with us, stored in our database and you can change them when you want or give them off when you wish.

¿Cómo veo el estado de mi pedido?

Within your customer account you can view orders that have been made and the state in which they find, just go to “My Orders”.

¿Can i cancel my membership?

You can unsubscribe at anytime, all you have to inform us by email at info@fanisetas.com and we give you off the system internally.

I do not know how to buy ….

If after trying to buy you see any problems or either do not know how to buy on-line do not worry you can call and place your order by phone on 966 23 63 29 we will be happy to helpfull!

¿What is Wishlist?

Add your favorite shirt to a wish list to remember your favorite shirts and share with your friends over social networks.

Looking for a tee but we don’t have it?

Contact us and tell us the shirt that we need in our catalog, if the idea that you offer us can be valid for a group of fans who share your tastes, surely we make the design./p>

¿How do I redeem a promotional code?

If you have been given a promotional code to redeem, in step 2 of your purchase order and selecting payment method, you will have the option to enter and be processed the discount.

¿How do I get a promotional code?

You can get codes for take part in our social networks, send your photo with your tee, or you have made a big purchase and we want to have a detail with you. And also important, the code is incompatible with the points, you can only use a discount or another when you make an order.

¿Does the design available also in…?

All Fanisetas.Com designs are available at:

  • Unisex T-Shirt
  • Girl T-Shirt
  • Kids T-Shirt
  • Boy Long Sleeve
  • Long Sleeve Girl
  • Hoodie
  • Cup

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