Design tees with us and earn money for it!

Do you want to design with us and earn money for it?

So, create your own brand in our Site!

Are you brilliant at Graphic Design or Illustration?

Have you ever wanted to put your art on a T-Shirt, cup, etc.?

Would you like to have your own brand?

Now you have a specific place in “” (Spanish site) and “” (International site) to promote and sell your designs.

That sounds good, tell me more…

First of all, send us an email to with a link to your portfolio or some samples of your art in the format you prefer (E.g.: 800×600 .jpg)

Our experts will evaluate it and contact you as soon as possible.

Once you are part of the family, we will arrange a space just for you.

From the very moment the account is created and we start selling your designs, you will have access to a control panel where you could check the number of visits, sales, payments, etc.

Let’s talk about money…

In our site, you decide how much you want to earn, we charge a part of the sale for the management of the site, production, logistics and advertisement, the rest is for you. You can increase the price of your products (T-shirts, cups, etc.) so you can earn from the initial €2,5 commission we propose to what you estimate a client may pay for your designs (so if you decide to increase the price €10, your commission will increase €10 too)

In addition to that, if we really like your design we may buy it (at the price that both parties agree) and add it to our catalogue.

The payment would be done by PayPal or monthly bank transfer (from €30 on)

About the designs…

Let us remark that all the designs you send us are yours and won’t be used without your permission.
You are completely free to add and/or remove them whenever you want.
You may also sell them, as you desire, in any shop, website, etc.

Subject and style are free, with no colour limit, in a 42×35 cm maximum space. Approved designs must be sent as Photoshop, Freehand or Illustrator files (CMYK, 300 ppp and transparent background). Designs may be slightly modified to improve the printing finish with your authorisation.

A design won’t be admitted if it doesn’t fit the minimum printing quality requirements. It won’t either be accepted if it violates copyright laws or third parties’ intellectual property rights, contains offensive, violent, racist, defamatory, discriminatory, drug abuse defence images or texts. reserve the right to remove any design without prior notice due to the before mentioned rules.

How do I know if my design is ok?

You may realize if you have what we are looking for, just taking a quick look to our more than 1000 designs. If you can do that or even improve it, you are in!
If you have any doubt, send us some samples.
What are you waiting for?
We are completely sure that you have some designs that want to see the light.

As a summary:

We offer you the opportunity to sell your own designs in a web with more than 1000 visits per day.
We will support and promote your work with all our resources (webs, blogs, social media, ads, etc.)

Design with no colour, gradient or effect limit.
You keep all the rights of your designs, “you give – you remove” policy.
Your design available in a wide range of clothes, formats and colours.

Create your own brand with the support of professionals and the most advanced printing technology!

Come on, send us your designs!

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