Bat-man tees

Taking advantage of the return to the Batman movie with the third part of the trilogy of The Dark Knight, starring Christian Bale and directed by one of the favourite film director of Fanisetas.Com team, Christopher Nolan, we propose a look at our catalog of Bat-man tees, dedicated to the superhero of Gotham City!


Spectrum - Batman (Versión 2) tee
Spectrum – Batman (Versión 2) tee

University of Gotham State tee
University of Gotham State tee


Bat-man Tees, the comic book superhero created in 1939, whose secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a millionaire businessman and philanthropist who, after witnessing in his childhood his parents death, he swore revenge. After undergoing a rigorous physical and mental training, comes disguised as a bat to fight crime on the streets of Gotham City. Batman has no superpowers, uses the intellect and various scientific and technological applications to create weapons and tools to fight crime.


Joker - Why So Serious? tee
Joker – Why So Serious? tee

Joker Loving it tee
Joker Loving it tee


Visit our catalog to see all models of Bat-man tees, at different stages of his long career as a superhero of worldwide success.

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